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Dunlap Recreation Association


 1. Teach the fundamentals of the sport
 2. Teach positive sportsmanship and teamwork
 3. Provide youth with enjoyable physical activity
 4. Provide young athletes with a positive learning experience
 5. Develop good decision making skills
 6. Instill respect for authority (coaches, players and officials)

Rules for Boys House Basketball
1. Games will have (4) 8-minute quarters, 2-minute breaks between quarters and 5-minute halftime.  Each team will receive 2 time outs per half.

2. All players will have equal amount of playing when possible.  

3. Clock will stop only for time-outs, substitutions at 4' mark, and the last 2 minutes of each half on dead balls.

4. No jewelry will be worn during practices or games.  Please instruct all youth to wear proper attire.

5.  Full court press is allowed the entire game, but once a team has acquired a lead of 12 points, the team must fall back to the half court line. (5th/6th grade levels only)

6.  Man-to-man defense ONLY for 3rd/4th;  Man and Zone are allowed for the 5th/6th.

7. Sportsmanship – The referee will have sole discretion in officiating of the game.  NO ARGUING WILL BE TOLERATED.  Players, coaches, parents, and all other spectators are to maintain the highest level of sportsmanship at all times.  


Further league rules and guidelines will follow standard IHSA provisions except where stated otherwise.

Special requests for an athlete to be placed on a specific team will be considered but will not always be honored.  Stacking teams will not be permitted.