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Please contact Kevin Christensen at 258-8901 with any questions or concerns


  1. Games shall last three innings or 60 minutes whichever is greater.
  2. Practices will be one hour
  3. All Rain outs and weather related statuses will be posted on www.dunlaprec.com no later than 4:30 pm
  4. Bases – 45 feet.  Pitching mound - 30 feet.  Safety base is used at first base.
  5. A soft baseball shall be used.
  6. Coaches are asked to remind parents/guardians that they are responsible for the behavior of any siblings attending the games.
  7. Coaches are responsible for their team’s behavior.  All offensive players should be seated in the bench area while the game is in progress (hands are to be kept off the fences during play). Have a parent prepare the next batter.  All players will remain in the bench area except the batter and runners.
  8. All defensive players should be on the field.  Players should have equal playing time and play all positions (alternate infield and outfield positions).
  9. On the field coaching for hitting, base running and defense is expected.  Coaches will not interfere with the progress of a play.
  10. A consecutive team batting order shall be used.  Please vary the order each game.     DO NOT KEEP SCORE – no standings are maintained.
  11. All batters and runners must wear a helmet.  
  12. The goal is for each batter to hit off of a soft toss before the season is over. Please use the tee as much as possible to speed up play. 
  13.  There are no outs and each batter only advances one base.
  14. Batting coach should check all players are ready, place the ball on the tee, instruct the batter and remove the tee if a runner is approaching. 
  15. No head first sliding.  One warning per team will be given on head first sliding.  On the next infraction the runner will be out – this is to demonstrate safety concerns to the children
  16. No stealing.  Runner can leave the base after the ball is hit.
  17. The last child runs all the way around the bases. 
  18. All play is IMMEDIATELY suspended if lightning or thunder is present anywhere within sight or sound of the field.  If you can see it flee It” and head directly for covered indoor shelters or vehicles.  NO EXCEPTIONS and this rule applies to practices as well.  Per the National Lightning Safety Institute, individuals should not return to the fields until Thirty (30) Minutes have elapsed.  “HEAT” Lightning is equally as dangerous as “regular” bolts.


Note: Coaches should have these rules with them at all times and must adhere to the time limit.