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Dear everyone,

In order to support participation independent of finances, please consider getting sponsors for a team. Before you go and ask someone to donate, please follow these steps:
1) Check the Google sheet to verify that the sponsor has not already been solicited. 
2) You may ask a sponsor for any donation amount to Dunlap REC Lacrosse. All sponsors will get their logo on the summer t-shirt. Logo size may vary if there are some extremely different donation amounts.
3) Present the sponsor with the sponsor letter below. 
4) Fill out the form that specifies who has requested the donation, and make a copy for the sponsor’s records.
5) Email the sponsor logo to   / ATTN: River STicks Lacrosse BEFORE May 31.
6) Take a picture of the check and form and email it to ( )
7)  Send in the form hard copy and check to 7210 N Vauxhall Pl, Peoria IL 61615 
8)  Register for the LAX Geneva or July tournament.
9) The total donated will be applied to all team members as a total reduction in registration fees for all registrants of that team. If the event is cancelled due to inadequate participation, the registration cost you personally paid will be refunded. The donation amount will be applied to future team events for that same U-level. Since this is a donation to REC lacrosse and is tax-deductible to the sponsor, you may not receive any cash value. 
Please use the forms below. 
Please email all logos to TeamWorks in Washington at Sales@Teamworks2003.com and reference River Sticks Lacrosse. Checks are payable to Dunlap REC Lacrosse. Please fill out the sponsorship form and mail to, 7210 N Vauxhall Pl, Peoria Il
Unit 323 Recreation Association.
EIN #: 37-1147350
All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. This contribution is made with the understanding that the donee organization has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.
The Dunlap Lacrosse League is exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a member of Unit 323 Recreation Association. Copies of our current Public Charity Status and current IRS Affirmation Letter are available upon request.