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Lacrosse is a sport with ties to the Iroquois Nation tribes in what is now the State of New York. It is played internationally and is now the fastest growing youth sport in the country!  On the east coast it is the #1 youth sport for both boys and girls, and over the past several years, organized lacrosse has taken hold in the Chicago area and growth has been explosive. Central Illinois is positioning itself to be be the next growth opportunity for the sport in Illinois. Dunlap Youth Lacrosse Club became part of the Dunlap REC Association in 2013 and provides one of only three lacrosse programs for boys in the area. For 2018, Dunlap Lacrosse will also provide a youth girls team for girls in grades 2-8. Dunlap Lacrosse forms its teams from and serves boys and girls living in Dunlap and all surrounding Peoria communities.


Dunlap High School Boys and Girls Lacrosse is now approved as an official ISHA sport in 2018, allowing the teams to play against other competitive high schools in Illinois. (Please note that the girls HS team may start as a club sport for 1-2 years before moving to IHSA.) At the college level, lacrosse provides a greater opportunity for athletes to compete, with 12.3% going to play on a NCAA Lacrosse team compared to 5.6% of HS soccer players and 3.4% of basketball players. (see NCAA publication)


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