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Team Store

This store has several types of items. Some of these are fundraisers (stickers, magnets, signs, spiritwear) and provide fun items to show your support for lacrosse. Typically, this will change seasonally, so check back! The other items (bags, equipment) are for team purposes to allow for group order discounts. These items specifically will have a closing date, and will be available on specified dates or rolling basis.


We provide various ways to purchase team spiritwear.

2018 Team Works Store

Each season we will arrange for the sale of a few logo items, and these will typically be listed Via an online Store with a closing date. For 2018, new logo items are available for purchase through March 16th, with delivery by April 12th or sooner.

Girls Lacrosse / Blatant Lacrosse Store

Just for the girls, order parent shooter shirts, girls leggings, long sleeve shooters, hat and socks. Store closed March 16! 

Logosportswear Spiritwear

We also have a year-round option with many designs that are completely customizeabe on the items of your choice.