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  1. Any boy who will be 9 years old before August 1st this season is not eligible to compete.
  2. Each game consists of six innings or 1 ½ hour time limit.
  3. Bases will be placed at 60 feet.  
  4. Coaches will pitch overhand to each batter.  The pitcher can go to 1 knee if needed for specific batters but must still pitch overhand. 
  5. A safety base will be used at first.
  6. There will be a maximum of 8 swings to each batter.  The batter must hit or miss the last pitch.  Foul balls do not count on the last swing.
  7. Batters are allowed to advance on a hit until a fielder has possession of the ball.  At that point all runners must stop at the base to which they are running unless they are called out or an overthrow at first.  Assume a good throw from the outfielder to the appropriate base when deciding if player can advance.
  8. Batter can only advance on an overthrow at first, even if played on at second.
  9. Runners only advance as far as batter advances.
  10. All rules on base running pertaining to outs will apply – force outs, tag outs, etc.
  11. Only 10 players will be in the field with 4 outfielders.  One player will field the pitcher’s position.  Players should have equal playing time and play all positions (alternate infield/outfield positions).  Free substitution.
  12. A minimum of 7 players is needed to start a game, or the team shall forfeit.  If both teams agree, a practice game may be played.  No outs for players short of 9.
  13. All boys will bat in the batting order.
  14. Players shall not sit out more than three innings defensively, unless being disciplined.  Each boy should start every other game.
  15. A team can score a maximum of 5 runs per inning except for the 6thinning where there is no limit.
  16. No batter can be walked.  If hit by a pitch, he continues to bat.
  17. Pitches on the corners should be considered balls.  One warning per time at bat.
  18. Batters cannot bunt.
  19. No stealing bases.
  20. A runner can only advance on batted balls.
  21. Coach of defensive team can be on field as long as he does not interfere with the play.
  22. Situations not covered here will be governed by IESA rules, including no head first sliding and no on deck batter on the field.  One warning per team will be given on head first sliding.  On the next infraction the runner will be out.
  23. All play is IMMEDIATELY suspended if lightning or thunder is present anywhere within sight or sound of the field.  “If you can see it flee It” and head directly for covered indoor shelters or vehicles.  NO EXCEPTIONS and this rule applies to practices as well.  Per the National Lightning Safety Institute, individuals should not return to the fields until Thirty (30) Minutes have elapsed.
  24. Coaches are asked to remind parents/guardians that parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of any siblings attending the games.
  25. Coaches are responsible for their team’s behavior.  All offensive players should be seated on the bench in the dugouts while the game is in progress (hands are to be kept off the fences during play).

Note: Coaches should have these rules with them at all times and must adhere to the time limit.