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General Information

Ages: T-Ball is intended for both boys and girls ages 5 & 6.  4 year olds can play if a parent coaches.

Place: Games will take place at the Dunlap Grade School or North Park

Times: Games and practices are tentatively scheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights.  There may also be some Saturday games and practices.

Season: The season begins with practices in early to mid May.  Games start in early June and end by early July.

Equipment:  Players will need to bring a glove and appropriate footwear (cleats are not required).  Game shirts, hats, helmets, bats, balls will be provided.  You may also bring your own equipment.  DRA is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items brought to games or practices.

Fields Utilized:

TBS (T-Ball Stadium at Dunlap Grade School-Southwest corner of fields)

DGS #3 (Diamond located closest to playground at Dunlap Grade School)

Banner (Diamond or grass area at Banner Elementary)

‚ÄčNorth Park ( grass T-Ball field located near basketball courts)